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Born in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, the daughter of a model/actress and dramatic English Teacher and a famous musician, creativity was always present. Reading at 3 & 1/2, a novella by 8, and a poet by 11; it was no surprise when Mary Louise began writing Sci Fi. Particularly with her interest in science. She was a chemist, moved into technology, but all the time writing. 

For her next chapter she became interested in giving science presentations, many about NASA, writing spec-scripts especially adaptations, promoting science and working with the March for Science. Currently she is working on 3 documentaries, 1 regarding science entitled 'NAIVE'.

Scriptwriting: feature & Pilot

Script writing - feature & pilot

Mary Louise has assisted on many adaptations of existing books into scripts. 

Currently she has done the translation of her own books into a feature/series.

Mary Louise has plans for filming a science fiction piece in 2019.

Documentary work / SPACE-TIME CONTINUES bi-weekly show

Bi-Weekly filming of the You-Tube show PACE-TIME CONTINUES currently highlighting the Earth Episodes highlighting  Mary Louise's activism on science.

With several workshops on streaming tv (such as NASA Takes on the Galaxy) Mary Louise is currently working on several documentaries as well as her work as a screenwriter and video and film production. She hopes to return to her current book as soon as possible as the next installment of Sanacion is almost done!

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Current Project - Documentary

For more information about current project 'NAIVE' & how to donate to or become a part of follow the below link.


Future Events will be listed here. Many (such as filming on location) are not.

Events are Author Events or Presentations or BOTH. (Unless otherwise indicated)

Current Books

The Sanacion series - Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission, Sanacion II: We Are the Aliens, Sanacion III: Remnants of the Dome. To be released - Sanacion IV: A Return to Earth.

Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To with Target Mars: Scientists & Aliens coming soon!


Science Blog

Five Years of a science blog that covers above the exosphere. 

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