Books by author Mary Louise Davie


SANACION "The Black Hole Mission"

With the oxygen of the Earth now depleted, all the countries come together to venture out in space and find a new home. Three ships with three different modes of travel go off in search of a new terrestrial planet in hopes that one will carry on. 
One ship, the Sanacion, has the most difficult mission, to travel down the black hole V4641and blow a hole in the vortex wall using a bomb made from star material. But before they have to face the dangers of the black hole, they have to light years of problems.
As the shuttles from Earth makes the trip to the lunar site to their final salvation aboard the Sanacion, something goes awry and a solar storm of flashing fire leads to silent destruction in space. A rescue mission is carried out to save the remaining civilians and risk the lives of many others.
Admiral Goodman has complete authority over the Sanacion with Colonel Steve Jensenn as his commander. Steve, in addition to commanding the day to day operations, is spending much of his time investigating the science - running equations and simulations. Steve’s second, Major Lenora Spooner, works closely with him, and together they share thought experiments, impossible equations and feelings for each other that must never be realized.

To further complicate things there is the Astronaut Perry Conlin and his seemingly perfect veneer. He goes after many things from the Civilian Leadership to the Command to Lenora. And for Perry, rank is not an issue.
Steve believes that what the scientists offer as beliefs and proofs, are not right. Still, he must back the party line. The Civilian Nation leads an uprising on board aiming to take control of the mission when the concept of the singularity finally becomes more than they can take. The Admiral, Steve and many others face a fight for their lives.
Steve must wonder if the people of Earth are meant to survive or in their arrogance, simply trade one hell for another.

Sanación II "We Are the Aliens"

When space settlers on a new planet find alien footprints and mysterious patterns in the ground, they are left to wonder what kind of creatures inhabit this strange world. Are they intelligent? Are they sentient? Even worse, are they dangerous? The settlers’ compound may be in peril from an enemy that has lain in wait, scoping out the newcomers’ weaknesses and defenses. The only way to find out is for a team to locate and capture one.

Colonel Steve Jensenn, who led the settlers to this planet on a star ship named Sanación (Sanacion in English), heads up the military side of the team. Steve and his men must cooperate with the Civilian Leader, Jake Freeman, to formulate a plan and set a trap. A history of ill-will mars their efforts, but soon the trap is sprung, and a creature is netted and caged.

Fascinated by the creature’s apparent intelligence, Steve attempts to communicate with it. After an encouraging breakthrough, he gets word that the creature soon will be sacrificed. The civilian scientists have decided that the best way to determine its capabilities is to autopsy it—beginning while it’s still alive. During Steve’s battle to save the alien’s life, a civilian dies, and Steve is blamed.

With a death sentence now hanging over his own head, Steve searches for a way of escape. An unexpected rescue thrusts Steve into a bizarre cross-species alliance that tests his allegiance to his own kind. Will he and those loyal to him choose to side with the humans—or will they fight alongside the aliens who already called this planet home?

Sanación III: Remnants of the Dome

Admiral Steve Jensenn and his crew are back on their deep space vessel, Sanación, laying communications satellites that will keep them connected to their friends on the planet Sana. With thirty-four thousand civilians aboard, they also are seeking a new home, a planet that will give them refuge. They’ve even brought along one of the natives of Sana, a Cicada named Rufus. 

Life is good onboard Sanación for Steve and his little family: his wife, Lenora, and their adopted daughter, Lucy. But things are about to change. Shocking and unexpected news about Lenora’s health rocks their world. A secret Steve has been hiding on the ship is finally revealed. Then, what should have been a routine mission to replenish their stores of a much-needed substance called deuterium leads them into a deadly conflict with an enemy army. The ensuing battle brings about losses they never could have predicted—with a devastating result that could change the future of Steve’s family and those aboard the ship—forever.

TARGET EARTH: You Only See What You Want To.

It's a new day on Earth in the twenty-third century, and an awestruck public is witnessing the stunning arrival of what looks like a lunar lander in Washington, D.C. Called in for their scientific and linguistic expertise, husband and wife team Danny and Chris Marama wait eagerly to meet the alien visitors, whose spacecraft now rests in the American president's Rose Garden. When two space-suited beings emerge, they surprise exo-linguist Danny by speaking English, among other languages, as they disclose their agenda: to explore Earth's technology and return to their home planet with it. Accompanying them is a prestigious assignment Danny is only too happy to take on. What she doesn't discover until later is their secret agenda, much more sinister and life-changing for Danny, Chris, and the entire human race. And both Danny and Chris must choose: loyalty to Earth, whose leaders may be targeting their own people for death, or to the alien race--and life..