NAÏVE - a tale of climate change

Intro to ' NAÏVE ' - a tale of Climate Change

Please donate $5 - $50 .... anything!!! I thank you, SGP thanks you, the future thanks you - a synonym of HERO is WARRIOR; be a WARRIOR for the Earth.

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Apocalyptic Worlds are pretty cool when it’s not your own. BUT not so much when it’s the Earth! Climate Change means temperatures are rising world-wide, droughts are becoming longer and more extreme, everywhere, tropical storms & hurricanes are more severe thanks to warmer seas, less snowpack in mountain regions, rising sea levels, mass extinctions, dying coral reefs…

SGP, llc wants your help  - go to Indiegogo & donate or tell your friends or help by lessening your carbon footprint....or all three! 

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I tried to take on all the costs myself but there are so many! If you can PLEASE go to INDIEGOGO -- There's travel, equipment travel too, animations, audio, licensing and plenty else to do.  (I will  add the link when I start the campaign!)

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I want to tell you more as I am so excited. It feels so good to be doing something that really means something. I guess you could say I am no longer 'Naive'. -- Mary